Patent Attorney

An Australian patent attorney is a professional who is qualified to assist you in relation to your patent application, patent registration and enforcing patent and associated rights. They not only have an indepth knowledge of all aspects of intellectual property law including patents, trade marks and designs, but they also possess technical qualifications in a scientific field. A solid grounding in the relevant technology and patent drafting skills is essential for ultimately protecting an invention.

Matters that patent attorneys routinely undertake are:

  • advising of the patentability of an invention;
  • conducting patent searches;
  • preparing, drafting and filing your patent in Australia and overseas;
  • lodge official documents with IP Australia;
  • providing advice in relation to patent disputes and infringement;
  • licensing and assignment of patent rights;
  • manage your IP portfolio

As with lawyers, all communications between a registered patent attorney and their clients are privileged.

Our patent attorneys are able to assist in providing you with professional and confidential advice as to your invention or patent matter.  Call 1300 166 568 or email [email protected] to confidentially discuss your patent matter.


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