**McIntosh IP is currently not offering patent services.  We now focus only on trade mark services in Australia, New Zealand and the United States**

A patent is a legally enforceable and exclusive right to commercially exploit an invention for the life of the patent in each country in which the patent is registered. In exchange for the monopoly, the inventor must provide the public with full disclosure of the invention thus allowing it to be researched further by others.

A patent may be granted over any device, substance, method or process that is new, inventive and useful.

Unlike copyright, a patent right is not automatic and the inventor must apply to have his or her right registered before it is protected. In Australia, this is done through IP Australia who examine the invention to ensure that it is new, inventive and useful.

If an invention is disclosed anywhere in the world prior to filing for a patent then the invention may be rendered unpatentable as it will not be considered new.

A patent can provide protection for a wide range of technical innovations including products, business methods or processes, internet and information technology systems.

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