Patent Search

A patent search aims to identify whether there are any products or methods which are identical or similar to your invention that have already been patented, published or made available to the public.

Novelty or Prior Art Search

The novelty search is designed to search for any prior disclosure of your invention which may prevent you from obtaining a valid patent due to lack of novelty and/or inventiveness. The novelty search involves conducting a search of various patent databases and an internet-based search to search for any relevant prior art.

Freedom to Operate Search or Infringement Search

The freedom to operate search is designed to search for published patent applications and/or granted patents in a specific country whose claims could potentially be infringed upon commercialisation of your invention. Freedom to operate searches are conducted where there are concerns regarding the use of an invention and where products are being imported into a country where patent rights may exist.

State of the Art Search

A state of the art search provides valuable information on current technology relevant to the invention and can be used to identify potential competitors and/or commercial partners.

Competitor Search

A competitor search is a name-based search used to determine if a particular individual or organisation has any patent applications or granted patents.

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